“Reflections with Lloyd and Wagner” return to broadcast.

After a brief hiatus, our show “Reflections with Loyd and Wagner” will be returning to the air today at 3 pm. We took a break from broadcasting for new and exciting business reasons. Your hosts, Michael Lloyd and Kurt Wagner, will be back in the studio with a special show devoted to the our furry little four-legged friends and the benefits you may not realise that they bring to us.

Join us at 3pm today, for a show about the special members of our families that you will be delighted to share in. EMBRACING OUR PETS, on BlogTalkRadio.com.

As always, we hope you will call in to the show to share your thoughts and stories. Today, we would especially be delighted to hear some stories about your pets. They keep us entertained, they are cute, or they silly, or they destroy something with such joyful abandon that you know you simply can’t get mad at them. Pets become a part of our famlies and a part of our lives, when you come in from your day, the dog or cat, always greet you with such love and joy that you know you can’t help but smile. even if your day was long and tiring, your pets have a way of bringing you back to life and back to fun.

So, listen to “Reflections with Lloyd and Wagner” today at 3 pm on BlogTalkRadio.com for our special show EMBRACING OUR PETS. You can call in to share your stories on the show by dialing (347) 945-7840 during our broadcast. Or if you’re shy, you can share your story in our online chat room. To listen to our broadcast, just follow the link below, during our broadcast at 3pm eastern, Today, October 20th, 2013.


Reflections with Lloyd and Wagner

3pm ET on BlogTalkRadio.com


Embracing Local Arts

Join us, as Reflections with Lloyd & Wagner continues with our Summer Series EMBRACE.
This weeks Episode: Embracing Local Arts
We live and grow with our communities…. and the culture we surround ourselves with, make lasting impressions and influence how we see ourselves and the world. It is the responsibility the artists within our community to show us a reflection of our past and our daily life, so that we can learn from and gain an important perspective on who we are, and ultimately who we can become. 
Join us today, Sunday, August 11, 2013, at 3pm, when will be discussing the local arts and culture we have right here in The Downtown Arts Community, in Orlando, Florida. We will be presenting interviews with the prodution staff and actors from Mad Cow Theatre‘s current production “Death of A Salesman”. This classic drama is presented in breathtaking style at The Harriet, the brand new main theatre at Mad Cow Theatre, 54 W Church Street in Orlando, Florida, through August 25th.   

Reflections with Lloyd & Wagner

This Sunday at 3pm ET.  LIVE on BlogTalkRadio.com

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Join us in glorifying God and our world, with guests and stories of everyday journey’s through the triumph’s and challenge’s of daily life. Share your stories, or just come celebrate with us and hear the message God sends thru all of us for everyone to share. Michael & Kurt Host’s of “Reflections with Lloyd & Wagner”